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Giải thích thuật ngữ sổ Re-English Report trang 14,15 - Grammar Checklist

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Giải thích thuật ngữ sổ Re-English Report trang 14,15 - Grammar Checklist

Re-English Grammar Checklist


G1. Present Simple

I eat an apple

G2. Present continuous

I am eating an apple

G3. Present Perfect

I have eaten an apple

G4. Past simple

I ate an apple

G5. Future (will)

I will eat an apple

G6. Future (be going to)

I am going to eat an apple

G7. Future (be V-ing)

I am eating an apple

G8. Present perfect continuous

I have been eating an apple

G9. Past continuos

I was eating an apple

G10. Past perfect

I had eaten an apple

G11. Past perfect continuous

I had been eating an apple

G12. Future continuous

I will be eating an apple

G13. Future perfect

I will have eaten an apple

G14. Future perfect continous

I will have been eating an apple.


Single Sentence Grammar

G15. Pronouns (I, you, he, him, her)

I love him but he loves her

G16. possessive pronouns (my, her, mine, hers)

That is his car. This is mine

G17. Preposition of time

I often go to school at 8 o’clock

G18. Preposition of place

I am in a car

G19. Preposition of movement

I go through a jungle

G20. Preposition with number

Bitcoin price has risen upto 40.000 USD

G21. General Preposition

I wait for you. don’t forget about the movie

G22. Adjective order

Dad is tall

G23. ADJ-ed/ ADJ-ing

I am interested in that interesting song

G24. Preposition with verb

I agree with you

G25. Prepostion with adjective

I am proud of you

G26. Countable and uncountable noun

We can say 2 bananas but we can’t say “2 milk” because milk is uncountable

G27. Quantifier (some,any,a few, a little..)

I only have a little hair

G28. Article (a,an, the)

Bob gives me a pen. Then I put the pen in my bag

G29. Determiner (this/that/these/those)

This is a book. Those are notebooks

G30. Like + noun/gerund/infinitive

I like chocolate but I don’t like drinking hot chocolate.

G31. Adverb of frequency (always, often..)

I always love my husband.

G32. There is/ there are…

There is an apple on the table.

G33. Comparative/ Superlative

My husband is the most handsome man.

G34. Equal comparison

My husband is as strong as superman

G35. Imperative sentence (do it now...)

Do your homework now

G36. Can (ability)

I can become a mom.

G37. Can vs could?

Could you close the door?

G38. Model verb (can/could/may/might…)

May I help you?

G39. Want/would like/ need

I need some food

G40. Passive voice

The cake is made from eggs

G41. Used to/ be used to

I used to live in District 1.

G42. To verb/ V-ing

I like swimming but I don't like to swim today

G43. Either/neither/both

I like both chocolate and vanila

Either vanila or chocolate is fine

Jack and John. Neither of them are strong

G44. Question words

Where and when do you go?

G45. Word order

I often don’t eat meat. I don’t often eat meat

G46. Question tags

You don’t like dog, do you?

G47. Inversion

Never will I marry you.


Complex Sentence Checklist

G48. Causative verb

I had my hair cut yesterday

G49. To/ in order to/so as to/so that/ in order that

I work hard in order to have enough money to buy a house

G50. rather/prefer

I rather die than betray my friend

G51. Embedded question

Do you hear what I say?

G52. So..that

The soup is so hot that I can’t eat it now

G53. Too…to

The soup is too hot to eat now

G54. Enough…to

He is not tall enough to be a policeman

G55. Reported Speech

He told me that he didn’t do it

G56. Coordinating conjunction (FANBOYS)

I like chocolate so I will eat chocolate ice-cream

G57. Subordinating conjunction of time

I will leave as soon as possible

G58. Subordinating conjunction of reason, contrast

I like fish because it is healthy.

I don’t like vegetable although it is healthy

G59. Subordinating conjunction of condition

If I had a million dollars, I would buy a house for my parents

G60. ADJ clause

I like a phone which has touch screen

G61. Noun clause

What I tell you is the truth

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